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As Principal | Business Consultant of Hall HR Consulting, Stephanie Hall is a global business leader who applies strategic human resources experience and expertise to help organizations improve performance, build robust cultures, and attract, develop, and retain top talent. She is a trusted advisor who earns and maintains productive, collaborative relationships with clients and helps them tackle complex business challenges and achieve results.


Stephanie supports organizations and senior leadership in all aspects of human resources, including leadership coaching, succession planning, performance management, employee engagement, employee investigations, compliance, and onboarding.  




With more than 20 years of experience as a Human Resources professional, Stephanie served as Global Vice President, Human Resources, for Centene Corporation, a Fortune 25 multinational healthcare leader. She led strategic human resources planning, providing the organization with the best people talent, and serving as a collaborative and HR thought partner to C-suite executive leadership. She led a regional team of HR business partners providing business consultation, coaching, developing team members, and succession planning.


Stephanie evaluated workforce planning data and developed plans to fill the gap, launched an employee engagement survey, partnered with HR shared services to streamline and optimize HR business processes across the enterprise, and was instrumental in leading an HR integration of two healthcare organizations.


Stephanie has a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Webster University. She is a Board Member for Saint Joseph’s Academy and serves as a Board Member and Past President for the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery.



Taking Your Business to the Next Level


Leadership Development

Employee Engagement, Business Success and Talent Investment

Succession Planning

Increased Bench Strength, Improved Retention and Protect Shareholder Value & Growth Trajectory

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Performance Management

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Planning, Monitoring, Reviewing and Rewarding


Employee Engagement

Assessments, Action Planning and Communication

Leadership Development


Leaders make the difference between high-performing and low-performing work environments.  I’ve helped select, coach, develop and strengthen leaders in Clinical and Care Management, Customer Experience, Information Technology, Finance, Operations, and Business Development.  My specialties include:

  • Employee Engagement: Fostering positive relationships between employees and their leaders improve attitudes, productivity and performance.  I help leaders and organizations assess their work environments and develop actionable strategies to fully engage their teams.

  • Business Success:  Setting clear priorities, deploying resources, and motivating teams to tackle them add up to business success.  I help leaders develop skills that directly contribute to the success of their team, business unit and company.

  • Talent Investment:  Rather than seek external applicants, leadership development allows companies to identify internal employees who have the potential to be great leaders if given the opportunity.  I help organizations identify top talent and create in-house career advancement strategies, improving engagement and retention and often reducing cost. 

Succession Planning


Top performing companies know that succession planning is key to organizational effectiveness.  I’ve partnered with multiple leadership teams to design and execute succession planning processes that ensure smooth transitions and sustained company performance.  The plans enable:

  • Increased Bench Strength: Enhanced employee performance and bench strength are outcomes of good succession planning, leveraging a robust talent development process.  I help organizations apply multiple initiatives to achieve both.

  • Improved Retention: When high potentials and high performers know they have clear career paths, they are more likely to remain engaged versus leaving for another opportunity.  I help organizations make strategic investments in top talent to retain and motivate them.

  • Protect Shareholder Value & Growth Trajectory: Top companies leverage succession planning as an insurance plan against unexpected exits or illnesses. Shareholders want assurance that there is someone ready to step into key roles and protect their stock value when the need arises.  I help leadership teams strengthen the confidence of their boards and shareholders by not only designing the strategies, but communicating them.

Peformance Management


Many people think performance management is limited to annual performance reviews.  But the performance appraisal is only one component.  Recent trends demonstrate the value of ongoing feedback and coaching.   I help organizations determine skills and qualities needed for each role and develop and execute effective employee measurement tools and processes.  The performance management cycle includes:

  • Planning:  Setting and aligning employee, team and business goals

  • Monitoring:  Regularly tracking goal progress and addressing roadblocks

  • Reviewing:  Providing feedback and continuous conversations along with recognition for employee progress

  • Rewarding:  Evaluating end results, the process used to achieve them and designing compensation and other recognition and incentives to reward and motivate continued performance

Empoyee Engagemet


Employee engagement increases profitability, quality and productivity.  And it helps retain top talent.  Here is how I can help your organization:

  • Assessments:  Getting feedback from your employees is the first step to improve engagement, measuring the current state of your workforce.  I help companies develop and execute surveys and other tools to assess employee culture and attitudes. 

  • Action Planning:  The second step is to analyze the feedback and determine actions required for improvement.   I help leadership teams understand the data and work with them to design engagement action plans.  And I share best practices from other organizations to help drive improvement. 

  • Communication:   Employees expect to see feedback (good and bad!) and what will change as a result of their input.  I help organizations design robust communication strategies, involving leaders at all levels in rolling out and executing the action plans. 



"I have worked with Stephanie over 15 years and in that time she has provided steady HR leadership through significant periods of change and growth. This includes startup operations of building a strong leadership team and staff, acquisition integrations where she guided cultural integration of two diverse companies, and reductions in force, which resulted in significant savings to the organization while maintaining the dignity of employees. She has a keen ability to build strong culture, balanced with creating and enforcing policies and best practices for the organization. She was well respected by the leadership teams she supported and our employee base. Stephanie was highly regarded by her peers and is an excellent example for how a Global Vice President of HR should be actively involved in business operations."

Chris Bowers, Executive Vice President, Markets



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